Trainingsweekend Remouchamps

Last weekend more than 25 Ferro Mosae members spent a great training weekend at Centre Cycliste Remouchamps in Belgium.

At the arrival, on Friday evening, I immediately felt a friendly atmosphere: everyone was helping to prepare the dinner and introducing themselves while arriving. After the fulfilling dinner we had some time to socialize, play board games,drink a beer, and organize a bit for the next day; the program is clear: early morning before breakfast run!

Therefore, the morning after, instead of the typical lazy Saturday under blanket morning; I found myself and other crazy people running up and down in the cold, but really nice, hills around the house. Only 6 km and we earned a really good breakfast. After that some people went for a really adventurous and muddy mountain biking, some with the racing bike, other went running or for a walk. Later on magically started snowing, and the landscape was really beautiful.

After a relaxed afternoon, and a shocking early dinner (pasta at 6!?!?; sorry I am too Italian for that) it was time for swimming! The training was long, but it doesn’t seem so, since Edo made turn us up side down all time long like spin, trying to teach us the crawl turn… After another beer and a board game match it was definitely time to sleep again.

On Sunday, while some people decided to face the cold and go cycling, for me the objective was join a nice off-road run in the hills near Spa. Some of the runners went for an half marathon or 15k; but 10 km in the cold and mud are enough for my mediterranean soul (even if I have to admit that it was so much fun actually!). After the run and a self served lunch, it was already time to pack, clean, and get ready to swim. Half of the swimming training was a relay race, which is a lot of fun, but tiring (especially if you are the slowest one :-p).

Overall the week-end was really good: all was well organized, but flexible; people of every level can enjoy such a weekend! the atmosphere is really relaxed and the objective is just one, as always: HAVE FUN! If will be possible, I will join such a weekend again, and I suggest to everyone who love sports to join!


Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...