Race report 2nd division season finale – ladies

As you may have read in the race report of the 2nd division (now 1st division!) men, on the 10th of September the finale of the 2nd division took place. Us ladies also had to a relay (a super sprint triathlon of 300m swimming, 8 km bike and 2 km running). After having a lot of trouble finding ladies who could race, and almost cancelling the race, we found two saviors and we started with the following ladies: Christel Jacquot, Audrey Bams, Ilse van de Wijgert and Lotte Beckers. Our goal was to keep our 5th position in de overall standings. Therefore, we had to have a top 10 position, but to be absolutely sure we wanted to finish 5th.

Christel started off with a good swim but had a rough time on the bike and during running. However, she managed to keep us in the race and so our swimming champion Audrey could make her triathlon debut in a solid position. During the swim she already catched up with at least 6 or 7 teams and having the 3rd swimming time and a good transition (you taught her well, Sven) she started biking. In her own words this was tough, but she managed to set a good time and the run was also very fast! Off to Ilse as 3rd of the team. The swimming part was… Like we are used to, but no real fails there and on the bike and during the run she managed to only pass other teams and not being passed. With a 4th running time and a 6th place in the race she passed the baton to Lotte, our 16-year-young star. Lotte had an excellent race, swimming went well, biking was tough but went well, and running was also good. Eventually we finished 5th! This was our goal and we couldn’t have been happier about it.

The 2nd division ladies are very happy with the way their very first season went and super proud of the 5th place in the competition. This is very promising for next year, with maybe a promotion…? Dare to dream, we are looking forward to it!



The 2nd divison ladies team


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