Weekend wrap-up!

Super Sunday Teamcompetities Triathlon: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Almere promised to be an action-packed day and it did not disappoint! Where to start? Our men’s 3th & 4th division teams kicked things off in the morning with an individual sprint triathlon. Our 4th division men did great and placed themselves 8th out of 27 teams! […]

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Race Day in Arnhem!

After a long winter of training, Sunday April 22nd  it was finally time for the start of the Teamcompetities Triathlon. Andreas, Tom, Hugo and Pim were in for an early start to kick things off in the 4th division. They managed to complete a very steady race and can proudly look back on their result! Finishing 15th out of 28 teams […]

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Ferro Mosae Eredivisie Dames Landskampioen!

Wat een dag, of beter gezegd wat een jaar! Na vier keer winst stond vandaag de laatste eredivisie wedstrijd in Almere op het programma: de team relay! Hierbij moest 380 meter gezwommen, 7 km gefietst en ongeveer 2 km gelopen worden.  Audrey beet het spits af en startte met 9 andere dames als eerste. Na […]

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