President: Niek Zonnebeld1718_Niek

Niek is a PhD candidate at the departments of Biomedical Engineering and Vascular Surgery at the Maastricht University Medical Center. After joining in 2016, he raced for FM in several team competition races in 2017. After finishing the Amsterdam Marathon, he decided that for 2018 his primary focus will be on the longer triathlon distances.

NickVice-president: Nick Bocken

Nick joined Ferro Mosae in 2016 and started swimming training. He is originally a FASTrunner. He completed a number of heavy trails and marathons. He likes cycling through the Limburg Landj, because he was born and raised there. Last year he tasted some aspects of the triathlon sport. In the coming season, he wants further improve in all disciplines of the sport.

JasperSecretary: Jasper Stevens

Jasper recently started his General Practitioner traineeship. Jasper has been doing triathlon for a year now and will start in the 4th division team. After doing some shorter distance triathlons last year, he is training for the half distance this year. As the secretary of the 2017-2018 Board he wants to make Ferro Mosae a diverse, international association, that welcomes members of all athletic abilities!

LoicTreasurer: Loïc Mignon

Loïc has been a member of Ferro Mosae since 2016. Originally form Brussels, he has been living in Maastricht for two years now whilst studying International Economics and Emerging Markets. Previously a soccer player, he has been doing triathlon for three years now and as a member of the 1st division team, his focus is on the shorter distances.