FM club competition

From 2020, Ferro Mosae organizes a club competition so you can race against each other but moreover, enjoy race days together! This is done in coorporation with Bearsports en The competiton is composed of 4 races in pre- and early race season. This means that everyone could use these races as different goals on their own or use them as training possibilities towards the start of the summer race season.

2021 (to be determined)

  1. Polar Beartrail – Organised by Bearsports around Teuven. A beautiful trail with either 14 or 22km distance. Don’t you want to race but would you like to be a volunteer? Let us know!
  2. Camerig climb timetrial – Who is relativelly the strongest uphill? Cycle together to the Camerig and race uphill. Your finish time is corrected for your weight so the fastest is not necessarilly the best! Also, enjoy a drink afterwards at the Hijgend Hert.
  3. FM swim-run – Participate in our very own swimrun.
  4. Isaac 043 Triathlon – For the grand final of the club competition we go to Eijsden for the Isaac 043 Triathlon. Individually race either a sprint or a 1/4th triathlon, or participate in the relay with other FM’ers!

You can earn points by participating and by your final classification in the club competition ranking. However, if you are injured or don’t really like to race, you can also earn points by volunteering! Please check the clubcompetition information sheet for further information and check here the current standings.