Try-out month!

As you might know, triathlon is the combination of swimming, cycling and running (in that order). Most people train for triathlon by training one sport at a time, and then combining them on race day. The most common race distances include ‘sprint’ (750m of swimming, 20km of cycling, 5km of running), ‘Olympic distance’ (1500m, 40km, 10km), ‘half distance’ (1900m, 90km, 21km) and the ‘full distance/Ironman’  (3800m, 180km, 42km). The Netherlands has division races where teams of certain levels race against eachother in team races and relays, mostly in sprint- and olympic distance races.
Apart from the conventional swim-bike-run, there are variations with a longer bike portion, mountainbiking instead of roadcycling, trailrunning, and in winters even iceskating instead of swimming. As you can see, triathlon is a very diverse sport which is great for people who like variety and enjoy learning new things.
Ferro Mosae
We are a student triathlon association with over 50 members. The level of our members is very diverse: it ranges from people who win Dutch national titles to beginners or people who don’t have that much time to train. We have several division teams for people who like to race, but some people just enjoy training without the race aspect. Apart from training, we organize social activities once a month, organize a trainingweekend in the Ardennes region in autumn and spring, and go on a trainingweek to Spain in the Carnaval period.
We offer an extensive training programme with a ‘core’ FM swimming, running and cycling training each week. This doesn’t mean you have to join all of these – you can do as much or as little as you like. There are plenty of extra training possibilities for die-hards that want to train even more: it is possible to join the trainings of student cycling association Dutch Mountains and student athletics association Uros.
Thinking about joining us?
Come see who we are and how we train! September is our try-out month for people who are interested in joining. We start training when university starts up again. You can choose one or more of our training options in the first week:
  • Tuesday September 6th: first swimming training. We meet at the entrance of the Geusseltbad at 20:00. Bring swimmingclothing and a swimmingcap (if you don’t have any, you can borrow one), goggles are advisable.
  • Thursday September 8th: first running training. We meet at the entrance of the Geusseltbad at 18:45. Runningshoes are the only must-have.
  • Saturday September 10th: first cycling training. We meet at UNS30 at 10:00. To join this training you need a road bike and a helmet. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bike yet, just join us for swimming or running.
If you can’t join in the first week yet, that is obviously no problem. Just join us the week after on the same days and timeslots of the week.
Any questions? Don’t hesitate to send an email to!

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