FMtalk : Fuelling the Engine

Since this year, a new concept has been introduced within FM, namely the FMtalk. With the FMtalk, we aim to invite various speakers to discuss diverse triathlon-related topics that will be of interest to many FM members. These can be old FM members, sponsors, or simply experts in an area. After the discussion, there is an opportunity for asking questions, socializing and enjoying some refreshments together.

The first FMtalk was kicked off by our former member, Bas van de Valk! The topic was calles “Fuelling the engine – nutrition for endurance athletes”. Bas, due to his profession as a physician in a clinic for people with eating disorders and disordered eating, and his extensive experience in the field of triathlon, is an expert in the area of nutrition.

A slide from the presentation with guidelines for fuelling during training.

We all know that if there’s one thing that occupies triathletes’ minds, it’s (a lot of) eating. There was a significant turnout and interest in Bas’s presentation. Bas provided detailed insights and answered questions about various aspects of nutrition related to the sport, making it an informative and enjoyable evening. After learning so much about healthy eating, we concluded the evening with a piece of cake. 🙂

The next FMtalk is already being planned related to the next topic: cycling! If you have a specific topic in mind that you’d like to learn more about or discuss, please don’t hesitate to let the board know!

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