President – Meinte Koster

Originally Meinte is from Elst. In 2018 he started studying Biomedical sciences in Maastricht. At the moment he is in his last year and he is planning on joining a Neuroscience masters next year. He already participated in triathlon races since 2015, where he also joined the youth competitions. Consequently he also was part of the Davilex team in the third and second division. When he heard that a triathlon association was present in Maastricht, he immediately signed up when he got there. He is hoping to guide the board well as a president and to organise as many trainings and events possible for our members.

Secretary – Louise

Secretary, Louise Meister: Louise studies at the University College Maastricht in her third year. She joined FM in 2020 with no prior triathlon experience. Swimming is her favorite sport and she wants to challenge herself with extending to running and cycling training. Until now she did not have the possibility to participate in a race but would like to compete in the coming year. As a secretary she wants to maintain good communication and organization with the members.

Treasurer – Rianne Smit

Rianne is in the end phase for her master Epidemiology. When she came to Maastricht in 2019 she wanted to regularly run again beside her normal swimming practice. The atmosphere in Ferro Mosae motivated her to immediately become a member. Although she does not have a racing bike yet, she hopes to buy one in the near future to expand her training experiences. It is important for her to offer practices to people of all levels, while also being responsible taking into account the financial side and Covid measurements.

PR – Merel Slangen.

Merel is originally from Maastricht. After her bachelor psychology in Amsterdam, she missed the ‘Maastrichtse gezelligheid’ and came back to do the master health and social pshychology. At the moment she works as psycholist in lifestyle and vitality. Merel became a member of FM in 2019 and she has focused on the Olympic distances. She would like to continue to do so the coming year. Her main goal in the board is to maintain and make good relations with our current and potential sponsors.

General Board member – Aychelin Ruschmeyer.

Aychelin has a job as legal advisor. She became a member of Ferro Mosae in 2019 and did her first two races – a sprint and Olympic distance – in 2020. She is hoping to also compete in longer distance races in the near future. She is offering support to other board members where needed and is taking the legal side of the board upon her.

Social media committee – Johanna Bartz & Lea Dietzfelbinger

Johanna is a second year Psychology student at Maastricht University. She is a Ferro Mosae member since the spring of 2020. Before she came to Maastricht she joined triathlon trainings in Germany and completed a voluntary social year at a sports-medicine institution. She enjoys open water swimming and training outside. As she hasn’t participated in competitions yet, she is looking forward to gain experience in races the upcoming years. Being a part of the social media team she will share information and keep FM members updated about recent events.

Lea is currently doing her second year in European Public Health at the faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML).  When she came to Maastricht in 2019, she joined FM with prior triathlon experience. As a child Lea was a swimmer in Germany, joined many swimming competitions, especially open water swimming and started with triathlon when she was 16 years old. Back in Germany she participated in the youth cup, where she did a few races before she went abroad to New Zealand.  Lea is responsible for the social media with which she wants to present FM on Instagram and Facebook to keep the members up to date.