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Ferro Mosae Swimrun – May 18th 2016


Distance                     Swimming                  Running                      Costs
Short                           250 meter                   2500 meter                 €5,-
Long                           500 meter                   5000 meter                 €7,50
Long (duo)                 500 meter                   5000 meter                 €7,50


Starting the 1ste of March you can register through. There also is a possibility for a late registration on the same day.

The registration fees are:

€5,- for the short distance

€7,50 for the long distance + duo’s

Day program:

13.30u                  Start series IRONKIDS swimrum
17.00u                  End IRONKIDS swimrun

17.30u                  Registrtion Ferro Mosae Swimrun open
18.15u                  Registration short distance closed

18.35u                  Start series 1 short distance
18.50u                  Start series 2 short distance (Depending on the amount of participants)

19.00u                  Registration long distance closed

19.15u                   Start series 1 long distance
19.35u                   Start series 2 long distance
19.55u                   Start series 3 long distance
20.40u                  Last finisher

21.00u                  awards ceremony

Swimming: Indoor pool Geusseltbad (8 lanes). Maximum of 5 persons per lane
Running: Path around sportpark de Geusselt. 2 laps for the short distance and 4 laps for the long distance. The exact course:

Starting times:

Categorie Startserie (depending on the amount of participants) Time
short (max 80 participants) Startserie 1 18.35u
Startserie 2 18.50u
Long  (max 120 participants) Startserie 3 19.15u
Startserie 4 19.35u
Startserie 5 19.55u


–          The swimstart is in the water while having contact with the wall
–          It is obligated to swim on the right side of the lane
–          When starting the final 50 meters of the swim, you will get a signal by being tapped on the head
–          It is forbidden to run bare-chested
–          The participant is responsible for counting the laps
–          During the run the race number must be worn on the front and must be readable
–          Not measuring up to the rules will lead to disqualification
–          In case of doubt a dicision will be made by the contest coordinator in consultation with the jury
–          Participation is at own risk

Time registration:

The finish times are recorded with a timing chip. Participants receive this chip at the registration office on race day. The chip has to be handed in after the race.

The chip only has to be worn during the run.


All participant receive a start number that can be worn on the front of a T-shirt or on a race number belt. The start number only has to be worn during the run. Startnumbers and pins are provided at the registration office on race day.

Swim caps

The organization provides swim caps with the race number to each participant. These swimcaps have to be worn during the swim.

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