FM favourites

In preparation towards the Summer and during Summer, there are multiple races in the Maastricht region. Below you will find a list of the most loved races of FM members. These races vary from regular and trail runs to half distance triathlons. Our sponsors Ron for Run and Bearsports organise many of these races and FM’ers can get a nice discount when subscribing. Would you like to participate or need help with your subscription? Please let us know!

  • St. Pietersbear trail – this race is organised by Bearsports, at the St. Pietersberg in Maastricht. It’s a beautiful trail run with different distances to run. You don’t want to race but do want to be a volunteer at the event? Let us know!
  • Maasvalleiloop – this race is organised by Ron for Run in Borgharen. During this race you will cross the scenic surroundings of Borgharen and Itteren. Really worth it!
  • Bilzen111 – a great preparation for your coming triathlon season (or long distance race). In this race you will swim 1 km, bike 100 km and run 10 km. A nice challenge!
  • Isaac 043 Triathlon – in 2020, this triathlon will be organised for the fourth time, with its finish at Kasteel de Hoogenweerth. Besides a 1/4 triathlon, you can participate in the 1/8 race. You con’t want to race but you want to be a volunteer at the race? Please let us know!
  • Triathlon Stein – this is a triathlon that is sponsored by Ron for Run, in Stein. With different distances on offer, this race is accessible to everyone!
  • Indeland Triathlon – would you like to do a half distance or are you training for a long distance race? Then this is a perfect opportunity to test your shape! This race is held in Germany and covers different distances, ranging from a Sprint to a half distance.
  • IronMan Multisport Festival Maastricht – in 2019 the first edition of the IronMan Sprint and 1/4 race in Maastricht was organised. Different FM’ers have participated and it’s a nice race in your (new) hometown!