September (Date TBD)

Social – Bouldering

Get to know your association members with this group activity. We now actually have a couple of members who go climbing quite regularly.

Fall (Date TBD)

Training fall training weekend

This training weekend is a classic. A bit of cycling, a bit of running and of course some drinks and games. Let’s hope we can get hold of the accommodation with hot tub again this year! 🙂

Beginning of the year (Date TBD)

SocialNew years dinner

Let’s eat some extra calories after the Chrismas holiday because you’ll need the extra reserves, as training intensity will increase towards the summer.


Training – training week

Get your cycling skills on point with a week of Spanish tarmac!

Spring (Date TBD)

Training – spring training weekend

Get in the Summer mood with this training weekend in the Ardennes.

June (Date TBD)

Race – FM Swimrun

Our very own race, organized by and for students