About Ferro Mosae

Ferro Mosae is the student triathlon association of Maastricht. FM has got around 70 members (students and PhD students) who all have one thing in common: passion for endurance sports. Ferro Mosae has got a few international professional athletes, such as Sarissa de Vries (2nd in Ironman Maastricht), Bart Candel (winner Israman) and Sophie van der Most (Dutch National Champion Duathlon), but there are also members who have just started and are happy to get to the other side of the pool.

You might think that triathlon is a typical men’s sport, but around half of the Ferro Mosae members are female. FM has also got quite a big group of international members. This makes that FM provides a nice environment for athletes of all levels to train and race together!

During the week there are multiple training sessions, meaning that there is a suitable training for everyone in the pool, on the running track or on the bike!

Apart from the training, there is plenty of room for social activities, ranging from having a (recovery)drink together after the swim training to different organised social activities. In Fall, Ferro Mosae members go on a training weekend in Belgium or Luxembourg. During Spring we travel to Spain for a week of training.

You can find more information on our information sheet.