Core training:

  • Swim practice on Tuesday from 20.45h to 22.00h at the Geusseltbad ( FM members get an FM-pass, which gives free access to the pool during the FM training sessions. Training sessions are focussed on technique and endurance. Multiple lanes are available to make sure that everyone can swim at a comfortable pace.
  • Run training on Wednesday from 20.00h to 21.15h. We gather at the track at Jekerdal. Jos Timans focusses on running technique and provides a training in which everyone can train at their own level.
  • Swim practice on Thursday from 21.15h to 22.15h at the Geusseltbad.
  • Bike ride on Saturday at 10.00h, starting at Universiteitssingel 30 (UNS30, in front of the entrance of the medical faculty). Limburg is a great area for cycling, so a nice bike ride is guaranteed. .


For the die-hards:

  • Swim practice on Monday from 21.30h to 22.30h. No trainer is present at these sessions, but a training schedule will be provided.
  • Run practice on Tuesday night together with student athlethics association UROS, starting at 19.00h at athlethics track Jekerdal, where Jos Timans will supervise the training.
  • Bike training on Wednesday, together with student cycling association Dutch Mountains. During the summer months, faster cyclists will train from 13.00 to 15.00, while the training session from 15.00h to 17.00h will be open for cyclists of all levels. Of course, you can also join both sessions. Training starts at Universiteitssingel 30 (UNS30) and will be supervised by Edo. During the winter months, training will take place between 12.30-14.30 and 14.30-16.30, respectively.
  • During the summer months, Ferro Mosae members often go openwater swimming gezwommen at jachthaven Portofino. These sessions are announced via a private Facebook-group/Whatsapp group for FM members. This is also the place were members get in touch with each other if they want to go for additional training sessions.

For additional info check our info-sheet.